Farms and Ranches in Alberta are participating in a benchmarking program for on-farm hazards assessments. Each on-farm hazard category is risk ranked in accordance to frequency of exposure, probability of occurrence and severity. Program procedure was derived from ISO standards such as Risk management (ISO 31000) Auditing Management systems (ISO 19011), and CSA standard Z1002- Hazard identification and elimination, risk assessment and control.

 The on-farm hazards will be tracked, trended and analyzed for future training and funding topics in the future.

 Areas of focus are listed below:
1)    Chemical Storage

2)    Fire Protection

3)    Electrical Hazards

4)    Occupational Hygiene

5)    Working Alone

6)    Confined space (bins, pits)

7)    Working at Height (mills, grain sampling )

8)    Material handling and storage

9)    Hoisting and conveying equipment

10 ) Powered mobile equipment

11)  Shop and metal working machinery

12)  Hot work (welding and cutting)

13)  Livestock safety

14)  Water/lagoon safety

15)  Children on farm

16)  Safe Guarding

 Alberta Farm Safety Association is a non-profit organization (established Feb 2016) who has been fortunate to receive funding to complete benchmark on-farm hazard assessments free of charge to agriculture sector.  

Funding provided by Occupational Health and Safety Innovation & Engagement Grants

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Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation 

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